The ways to Score Free Kicks in FIFA 19 December 14 2018

There are many different ways to score Free Kicks in FIFA 19!Let's see together now!

1.Free Kick Basics

First of all, you need to know how to move your player around when standing over a free kick. This is done by moving your right analog stick left or right and will help you to position your player's stance and aim better. You can move your player further away from the ball, although this isn't particularly relevant at the moment.

2.Dipping Free Kicks

In order to dip the ball over the wall, you will need to aim close to the end of the wall. Load between one and two bars of power and hold your left analog stick up (forwards) so the ball dips over the wall.

3.Close Range Free Kicks

In the area close to the opponent's penalty box, we recommend either adding dip or curve your free kick towards goal. It will be more beneficial to use players with better accuracy and curve stats from this range.

4.Rabona Free Kick

Rabona free kicks can be the most outrageous way to score past your opponent. In order to do a Rabona free kick, you need to have selected Cristiano Ronaldo. This free kick will also need to be taken within the 'D' shaped area on the edge of the box. Make sure to aim at the near post. The controls for this are to tap X (Xbox) or square (PS) and hold the left stick to the right. Finally, ensure your power bar is between one to one and a half bars.

5.Knuckleball Free Kick

This is very similar to the power free kick, except that you need to hold the left analog in the opposite direction to your player's foot. This creates a two-way curve, which essentially is a knuckleball (the ball will move in both directions). If your shot is on target, the keeper may fumble your shot at the very least, giving you the chance of a rebound.

6.Power Free Kick

To perform a power free kick you will need to aim at the wall (very slightly wide of the goal). This is to compensate for the conventional curve that will automatically be applied to the ball. Shoot whilst holding the LB/L1 button (around three bars of power) and hold your left analog up until the ball reaches the goal.

Hope this ways can do some help for you !

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