Learn ePremier League details March 29 2019

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The ePremier League is a FIFA 19 tournament which will see all 20 Premier League clubs represented by two FIFA players. Every team will have one representative on Xbox One and another on PlayStation 4 - both of whom were decided by a set of online and live qualifiers.

The two players of all 20 clubs will now compete in the ePremier League finals live on Sky Sports and online on the Premier League channels on March 28 and 29. Every match will be over two legs and will take place in a group stage format over those two days to decide an eventual PlayStation and Xbox champion. Those two winners will then face each other in a two-leg match, one leg on each console, to decide an overall champion.

The ePremier League will not offer a prize pool for the participants. However, the winners will receive FIFA Global Series points which add to a large, global league table which decides who will qualify for the biggest FIFA tournament of the year - the FIFA eWorld Cup.

A unique factor of the ePremier League is that it will impose squad restrictions on all players at the live events.All participants will only be allowed to use Premier League players in their FUT squads. That means no Icons, no Cristiano Ronaldo, no Lionel Messi and just a handful of Team of the Year cards. However, participants do not have to use any players from the team they are representing - leaving everyone on an even playing field.

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