Guides to Complete UCL Moments Manolas SBC in FIFA 19 February 21 2019

Now,We will share you some tips for you to Complete UCL Moments Manolas SBC in FIFA 19,Please read carefully now.

Here are the some requirements

Path of Greatness – UCL Moments Manolas SBC – FIFA 19
UCL Rare of Common Players: Min. 11
Team Rating: Min. 80
Team Chemistry: Min. 85
Reward: Small Prime Gold Players Pack

Roma – UCL Moments Manolas SBC
Roma Players: Min. 2
Team Overall Rating: Min. 84
Team Chemistry: Min. 80
Reward: Mega Pack

Serie A TIM – FIFA 19
Serie A TIM Players: Min. 2
Players from the same nation: Max. 5
Team Overall Rating: Min. 85
Team Chemistry: Min. 80
Reward: Rare Players Pack (50k Pack)

All you need to do is pick a major FIFA 19 league, La Liga and Premier League often being the best bets, and build an 84 or 85 rated squad from them.

Due to needing only 80 chemistry, you will be able to fit the Roma players or Serie A players in wherever you want, without having to worry. Just make sure that you don’t opt for too many players from one league in the 85 rated UCL Moments Manolas SBC, which is easy to do if you opt for a La Liga squad.

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