Guides about FIFA 19 Trading & Investing November 15 2018

There are some useful FIFA 19 Trading & Investing guides,It will help you know when is the best or better time to make investment after the Weekend League,Read carefully now.

First, Monday or Tuesday will be a better time to buy players. Because the Black Friday market crashes, gamers don't want to keep their players and sell some players to exchange FIFA coins. The weekend league will cause the market to fall, which will also be The Squad fight on Monday will cause it to fall quite a bit. So Monday or Tuesday is the best time to buy these items.

When people open a partition opponent in the morning, all notifications will drop slightly, and when the FUT champion rewards, all notifications will resume immediately, but now both will appear at the same time, so I am one or two after all these rewards. Within hours, the market is likely to be lower than Monday or Tuesday, but it will rise.

So you can buy it now. Maybe you can sell them later or leave them in your team, because they are currently the cheapest, because this is the first time we get the FUT champion and the partition opponent's reward Thursday morning, One or two hours after that will produce some good sniper opportunities, because people are unloading on Monday or Tuesday, but all the rewards will come in at that time that morning, but it is up to you to decide.

All in all:

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