FIFA 20 new details June 06 2019

There are something you need to know ahead of FIFA 20 released,Please pay close attention on here now.

Further additions to defending include planned tackling, which allows your defender to nip in for the ball and direct it towards a teammate, and contain effectiveness will be reduced to stop automatic tackling. Also, an improved jockey system will have more agility and precision, offering more reward to gamers who take control of their defenders.

Some of the best changes come in the passing department, with more difficult passes becoming more difficult to perform, and the same correlation for easier passes.

It can be frustrating when the wrong player chases a loose ball and you can’t change to a teammate, but EA is working on this and add clarity to the assisted switching mechanism. Player switching doesn’t always select the correct player, and this is being adjusted for areas such as air balls, deflections and crosses.

It’s fairly awful when little N’Golo Kante is marking Virgil van Dijk from a corner, or the aerial threat of Cristiano Ronaldo will not be in the box either, and fortunately this will be eliminated. Marking and positioning from set-pieces should become more realistic going forward.

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