FIFA 19 Title Update Informations November 23 2018

There are have some improvements on FIFA 19 Title Update,Now,Let's see the all details.

The biggest changes made within the new FIFA 19 title update are with regards to a reduction of how effective AI teammates are on defense. As EA mentions “AI teammate” is a player out on the pitch who the gamer isn’t controlling. It also refers to any teammate out on the pitch that isn’t the CPU AI controlled player.

EA has nerfed AI teammate tacking by reducing the distance they'll stretch when making a tackle.

The patch increases the impact to fatigue of playing with defensive pressure. This change will have the biggest impact to fatigue.

Gamers are going to notice this effect for using team press or using a game plan with constant defensive pressure. Since both of these gamelans are common in online competition, it could make things much more interesting for FIFA Ultimate Team mode.

The patch also makes a well-timed tackle more effective, encouraging players to defend manually. It increases the tendency of the ball to travel further from the dribbler after the tackle, increasing the likelihood the dribbler will lose possession of the ball.

The CPU AI controlled players will now make less “first-time passes” in their defensive third of the pitch (on Legendary or Ultimate). When gamers face the computer in these difficulty levels, they won’t be at as much of a disadvantage for gaining possession.

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